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BiologicsHub is a highly experienced safety assessment service provider who has an excellent track record in delivering cost-effective projects on time with high customer satisfaction to our pharmaceutical company partners. We are a young and talented European team of scientists, who come from diverse fields and are based in the USA, the UK, and Europe.

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what we do

We analyze your toxicology projects at early stages of drug discovery.

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Our expertise in pre-clinical investigative, mechanistic and exploratory toxicology projects is to identify and interpret:

  • Target pathway
  • Toxicological mode of action and adverse outcome pathway
  • Microarrays

Target pathway analysis conducted by our pharmacologists, medicinal chemists and toxicologists can provide an early safety prediction of potential downstream effects.

Our scientists that are experts in interpreting hypothesis-based toxicology studies can analyze and help you explain observed toxicity issues. With our expertise in investigational toxicology we can predict pre-clinical toxicology alerts across multiple organ systems and assess their potential relevance to humans. We are experienced doing this in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and consumer products.

We also have many years’ experience in microarray interpretation. By analyzing your expression or genomic data, we give a biological context to your results: identify key players, potential mechanism or affected pathways.

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We annotate biology and toxicology data and put it in the right context!

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In life science, there is a lot of information that can be integrated into new knowledge.

If your need to:

  • pull out data from the studies for building your own database,
  • to draft molecular networks that could hypothesize molecular mechanism,
  • do competitive intelligence work,
  • or analyze months of experiments that has been put on the side,

we are ready to discuss them with you and propose a suitable solution.

We can:

  • extract data from the public domain or
  • interpret your in-house documents
  • Provide results like formal reports, excel sheets, or programmed networks of molecules.
  • And we always strive to ensure that we meet your deadline!

Each team is handpicked for your specific project. We always employ highly qualified scientists, who can add value to your projects.

We highly value your time and business – If the project is robust and hard to manage, we normally start with either a small part of work, or with a backbone work or a draft that can be later populated with more details in project sequels. This ensures timely, and cost-effective collaboration where projects are delivered on time and in line with the project’s goals.

If you would like to get a referral for our work, we could get you in touch with your colleagues from pharmaceutical, tobacco and consumer products industries.

We write Target Safety Assessment reviews focused, comprehensive and clean!

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If you are working in target discovery and validation, and need an early assessment of target liabilities, we can give you a hand by putting together a comprehensive safety profile of your target by analyzing and integrating past research.

We provide a List of safety concerns with rational and probability, and we back them with proofs from

  • pharmacological studies of competitor compounds
  • rodent genetic studies and human mutation data
  • normal and pathological role of the target across organ systems
  • target biology

Our reviews are structured in a way that complex information is easy to read and comprehend, with highlights on the toxicities, with solid biology background. A quick glance at one-page summary and figures, enables for a fundamental understanding of protein.

By dedicating a team of expert biochemists and toxicologists on reviewing the target to compare their findings, we increase the accuracy and improve toxicity perspective on a target, minimizing the turnaround time. Having been working on different formats, we are flexible to quickly customize our approach to fit everyone’s protocols better.

We provide Dedicated scientist services Timely, Friendly, flexible and clever!

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You have a sporadic need for someone to help you analyze your experimental results, review past projects, do mechanistic analyses, or simply search the literature, or you need another scientific viewpoint? Let us take the pain out of this task of you.

We at BiologicsHub are a team of scientists who can jump in quickly and get the work done. We provide to you a dedicated scientist to be at hand whenever needed to get you the information you need on time. Our scientists are highly flexible and innovative. You can get immediate assistance, starting of the same day of your request, over a planned period. This helps you cope with busy times and accelerate projects.

We have vast experience in projects that requires expertise in

  • molecular biology
  • toxicology
  • pharmacology
  • biochemistry

over pharmaceutical, consumer products and chemical industries.

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o u r c o n c e p t

We are stubborn about our goals but flexible about our approach!

Each company and each scientist have their own way of approaching and solving problems. Therefore, we accommodate to fit your perspective, but also use our scientific expertise and experience to bring fresh ideas to the table. Depending on the project requirements, we choose the right BiologicsHub scientists to work closely with you at every step of the project - from design to delivery.

To remain cost effective, we rely on excellent word of mouth recommendations rather than expensive advertising. Given the nature of our business, which is providing research services, we believe that our focus should be on building strong relationships with our clients and having a good understanding of their needs.


Our Team

People at BiologicsHub are experts

...in diverse fields like biology, biochemistry, toxicology, immunology, pharmacology who have been providing these services to our industry collaborators for many years. Besides the expertise, we are smart, proactive, and upbeat individuals who are able to fit into new environments and respond to work challenges quickly.

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